The Painting Da Vinci “Mona Lisa”

There are such pictures that are known to every person in the whole world. They are mostly painted by famous people and have worldwide recognition. An example of such a picture is the work of Leonardo da Vinci “Mona Lisa”. Also this picture is known as the “La Gioconda”. It was written in the Renaissance in Florence.

It is believed that the picture depicts Lisa Gioconda (the wife of a silk merchant from Florence). Although, there are very different versions of each other. Some say that this is a self-portrait of the author himself, but in the female person, the second ones claim that it’s Katerina Sforza, the illegitimate daughter of the Milanese duke, the third ones are sure that this is just a fictional character.

Leonardo da Vinci drew this picture for about two to three years. He completely surrendered to her, devoting most of his time. He felt a great affection for this picture and when he moved from Italy to France, took it with him.


picture shows a woman in dark clothes and a little turned towards the viewer. The chair in which the woman sits is standing either on the balcony or on some loggia. However, “Mona Lisa” is very dark, and it appeared a lot of cracks. They say that this happened, because the author very often liked to experiment with colors.

This is considered one of the best portraits of all time. This work by Leonardo da Vinci inspired many other artists to create something similar. The picture was very famous after its writing by the middle of the 19th century, but somewhere around the middle it was hardly remembered, but in the 20th century it again became very popular.

The big highlight of this picture is the smile of the woman depicted on it. This smile can be seen in other works of the same author, but it is on this woman that she is simply impeccable. This smile is very mysterious, many critics, artists and even psychologists were interested in it and analyzed it. In 1911, the painting was stolen by a worker of the Louvre and was found only after 2 years in Italy. Unfortunately, the picture was

repeatedly vandalized. It was thrown paint, poured with a different acid, this, of course, brought some losses.

Another very interesting fact of the picture is that if an increasing glass is brought to the eye of a woman in a picture, then you can see small numbers and letters. They are called the Da Vinci Code. This picture has interested people for several hundred years and of course now also does not remain without attention. She is admired by so many people all over the world, because there is something so mysterious and beautiful in her that she supposedly draws her eyes.

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The Painting Da Vinci “Mona Lisa”