Biography of Kazimir Malevich

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich – an artist, famous in the genre of avant-garde, impressionism, futurism, cubism.

Kazimierz was born on February 23, 1878 in Kiev to a family with Polish roots. The first drawing paints in his biography Kazimir Malevich performed at the age of 15. Since then he began to master the art of painting himself. He did not spend much time at the Murashko Art School. After some time after moving to Kursk together with his family, Malevich began to devote more and more time to drawing. At first he painted paintings in impressionistic style, then he became fascinated by Futurism.

For several years, Malevich taught at the Vitebsk art school. Then he directed the Institute of Art Culture in Leningrad. Malevich with like-minded people formed a group of avant-garde artists who disseminated the idea of ​​a new vision of art.

The most famous work in the biography and work of Malevich is the work “Black Square”. This work is complemented by paintings “Black Circle”, “Celtic Cross”. Among other famous paintings of the artist – “Red Square”, “Rides the Red Cavalry”. Malevich died on May 15, 1935 in Leningrad.

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Biography of Kazimir Malevich