Painting by Aivazovsky “From calm to a hurricane”

An ingenious marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky portrayed the sea in any form. From the stormy and terrible shafts to the calm sea ripples. His works forget the spirit, and I make my heart pound wildly. One of the most terrible, emotional and unforgettable is his picture “From calm to a hurricane”.

The first thing that immediately comes to mind, stroking the picture – it’s unrealistic. Without any mystical meaning, this is simply impossible. Even the colors are somehow unnatural. Very dark black color mixed with poisonous-green, give the picture even more saturation, fear and unreality.

Canvas shows us a simple sunny day, a quiet sea and a small boat, slowly drifting along it. And then suddenly, before the very eyes of the ship’s crew, a big hurricane begins. The clouds turned dark and turned into big clubs. The sea froze, stirred and began to attack the ship in great waves. It seems that the line that divides day and night into the sea is the end of the world for a poor team. In that darkness and storm, it’s simply impossible to be saved.

If there is a clear separation of the sky and the earth on the left side of the picture, the horizon line is visible, then the sky and the earth are merged into one. It’s just a big, thick, dark green fog. Even, it seems, that there are sounds of thunder and only there are not enough lightnings, splitting the whole sky in half. The picture is just creepy, even for presentation.

No matter how terrible this picture is, it is a direct proof of the author’s talent. So to depict on the canvas what scares people, evokes in them a storm of emotions and fantasy can truly a talented artist. He paints a picture, he conveys all the emotions, character and excitement. She enthralls me.

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Painting by Aivazovsky “From calm to a hurricane”