The Painting by Pimenov “The Dispute”

Today, the object of our close attention will be a picture of an outstanding Soviet graphic artist and painter Yuri Ivanovich Pimenov. “Dispute” – this is a unique in its eloquence picture. Yuri Ivanovich was once a recognized theater artist and what we see depicted on this canvas very clearly reminds us of a certain scene from the play.

Before us, the dialogue of a young couple unfolds, as if two talented actors demonstrate before us painfully familiar page of life. Eternal confrontation of male and female beginnings. The checkered black-and-white floor, laid out with tiles, symbolizes the usual chessboard for chess on which our current verbal battle is played. The man’s posture is very expressive and we can easily guess by the location of his body in the space of the picture that he, psychologically, steps on the lady.

And judging by the face of the girl covered with a palm and not sure gesture towards the man it becomes clear that she, as if in some way guilty before him or even just guessing about her wrong. The table, located between the partners, is a pointer to the sense of their remoteness from each other. The views of these two people are completely opposite, it is expressed in many details. For example, a woman holds her legs together, inside the table, and the man – on the contrary. One leg is located closer to us – outside the table, and the other – the left one – inside.

The legs of the table, chairs, men’s shoes, women’s boots, if you notice – all these elements in the base are black. This is a sign, a hint of the author of the picture that there is no right in the dispute. That is, all are wrong, since they allow themselves such behavior. Let us and we will not judge anyone strictly, so that we ourselves should not be judged.

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The Painting by Pimenov “The Dispute”