Composing a funny case

Whence this exotic bird took in his yard, Dima did not know, but the parrot was very beautiful: large, white with a yellow tuft and a large gray beak. Most likely, he escaped from previous owners, and maybe kicked out for an unfriendly character. My friend decided to catch a bird and put it in a cage.

In the barn, from the suitable, there was only a large cage for storing cabbage, but there was a hole in it. Dima decided to cover the parrot with this cage, and the side where there were not enough rods, lean against the big trunk of the old pear tree, so that he would not jump out.

Long hunted my friend for the bird. The parrot now and then flew from branch to branch, once nearly flew from the yard, but then changed his mind. Dima somewhere heard that such parrots like cheese. He went home and took out a piece of cheese. Cockatoos really got interested in delicacy and flew closer. He looked at the boy in disbelief, but he took the cheese. And at that moment Dima grabbed the parrot, not forgetting to put on a tight glove before that. And not for nothing, the parrot drank its sharp beak in his hand, and if it were not for the glove, it would have hurt him. When the bird realized that it would not be possible to escape, it began to make such wild cries that even its neighbors were awakened.

In the cage of the intractable parrot, Dima still planted and placed her on the tree. The parrot ruffled and sat there all day, while everyone went to look at it. When my friend went out into the courtyard the next morning, he saw that the parrot had half chopped the trunk of the pear, to which his cage was leaning, and he got out safely. He was sitting on the same branch where Dima had discovered him earlier. The bird looked at the boy, made a sound similar to the crow’s croak and flew away. As if she was waiting for him to come out and see how she managed to escape masterfully.

By the way, I had to cut the pear.

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Composing a funny case