Composition on a funny story

Composition 1 option

Last summer my brothers and I rested with my grandparents in the village. We like them, because in the summer we do not need to go to school, but in the village, there is a river, in which it is very pleasant to swim. For all the time that we stayed there, we had different situations: both funny and not very good.

Today I want to tell one of them.

When we come, we immediately find friends, because in summer there are a lot of children in the village.
And then one day, came the neighbor’s boy Yura, who called us to the river. After asking, we immediately ran there.

When we arrived, the older boys were making tarzanka. We also became interested, and we asked them to join the company. They gladly accepted us.

After an hour, the tartan was ready, and it was necessary to test it. I decided to try it first.
After a good run, I jumped, but she could not stand it, and I fell down. It was not very high, so it did not

hurt, but I was pretty sick.

Afraid that my grandmother would scold me, because I stained my clothes, I ran home and began to wash it.
He read it and posted it in the yard. But when everything dried up, I saw that on my blue T-shirt formed a yellow stain. I got scared and cried. Grandmamma just arrived, and she had to tell her everything. Hearing my story, my grandmother did not swear, but only laughed. She explained to me that I took a whitening soap, so the t-shirt went bad.

Since then, I wash all my clothes myself. This is the story.

Composition 2 option

A few years ago, when we were still in the 6th grade, a new teacher of English came to our small school. Previous, Elena Alexandrovna, went to the decree and she was replaced by a miniature Victoria Vladimirovna no more than 150 cm tall. Thanks to high heels, she could reach 155-160 cm, but this did not distinguish her from the crowd of children.

It was her first day at this school, high school students did not take her seriously and several times even joked about her. At us its lesson should be the fourth, right after the big

change. After the dining room, everyone as always jerked into the class to fool around. It was at that period that the boys flirted with the girls in a way of pulling at the pigtails and similar quibbles. In general, the class started to make noise, din and running around. I was chasing a classmate around the dicks and I wanted to wind my ears for the fact that he pinched me painfully. After a few laps Sasha jumped out of the classroom and ran down the corridor. And then it occurred to me, at that moment, a brilliant idea to be near the door and when he came back, and he would return all the same, to strike the broom with the same broom.

The bell rang, everyone was seated in their seats, and I stood, waiting. I hear footsteps along the corridor getting closer and closer, I maximize my swing and, with the slightest opening of the door, I hit Sashka with a broom from all over. What was my surprise when the whole class froze instead of the usual laughter. It turns out that I “dedicated” a new teacher to Viktoria Vladimirovna, who, with tears in her eyes, turned around and left without collecting even the papers that fell out of her hands. The class only then allowed himself to laugh.

Naturally, having calmed down a little, we realized that she would now return with the director and us, and in particular me, oh, how not to get better. But she was able to surprise us here. After 5 minutes I returned and went into the classroom, covering my face with a folder, and lowered it only when I was convinced that nothing more was flying into it. With words – Well, something, and I did not expect such an initiation. We laughed again and then I, already apologizing, told why it happened. Now she is our leader and loves us very much, and we remember that incident often enough and laugh along with her.

A short mini-essay “The Funniest Case in the Summer”

This summer there was a lot of fun and interesting, but this case was especially remembered by our whole family.

My mother often sends me to the store for food and various trifles. My memory is not very good, so she constantly writes me a list of products on a piece of paper. Here and at that time I had to go to the store at the request of the parents. But it was summer and I could not find a pen with a sheet of paper. Then my mother said: “Remember, you will have to buy only three things: bread, milk and chocolate.”
On the way to the store, I kept telling myself that I needed only three things. And then my friends met on my way. I decided that shopping can wait, but football can not wait.

Half an hour later I went to the store and still remembered three things. When I returned, I confidently passed the package to my mother, in which three things lay: onions, potatoes and chocolate. Mom was very surprised by this set of products. Probably in my head everything was mixed up after football, and I decided to buy just that.

Later everything cleared up, I had to go to the store again. This time without football. And my mother remembered this case for a long time and laughed, because I had not forgotten to buy my chocolate.

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Composition on a funny story