Composing mercy is

An insignificant, episodic case describes an instructive work on charity, revealing to the inquisitive reader the immeasurable depth of human compassion for a homeless animal. The one who today helped a defenseless puppy in trouble, tomorrow, without thinking about personal safety and not expecting material rewards, will save human life.

On a hot August morning, the cars were leaving one after another from the dusty courtyard. The townspeople were sent by whole families on weekends to the sea. To breathe the sea breeze, splash in cool waves, lie on hot sand.

Sultry afternoon broke from the little benches with their mothers and strollers and chatty old women. Razolevshie in the heat, domestic cats lazily spread out in the shadow of spreading bushes. A piercingly blue sky without a single cloud complemented the tranquility of the landscape.

Suddenly, plaintive whining caught the attention of an occasional passerby. He looked around several times, but saw no one. The

man went to the house and again heard a puppy cry that came from the ground. Looking into the slot of the ventilation shaft, not tightly covered with a concrete slab, he noticed at the very bottom of a small, frightened puppy. Several women approached and a neighbor’s boy. Together they dug concrete, dropped a fishing tackle into the hole and released the unfortunate captive.

Frightened, weakened by thirst and cold, the kid greedily lapped the water from the bowl and grabbed pieces of sausage on the fly. After refreshing himself, the puppy escaped into the courtyard, where he lived a large dog family in a fenced off enclosure.

A low bow to people who have shown compassion and compassion for a homeless animal that can not reward for their salvation. But each of them has already received this reward from the Most High at birth: human kindness. sympathetic heart, ability to empathy and empathy, generosity. Good deeds of people bring them a lot of positive emotions: joy, pacification, a positive charge for future accomplishments. Gifted with all my heart good, will return to man to fill the brink of the

mercy of his soul.

The eternal dispute between good and evil is under the power to resolve only charity. Until our desire to treat our neighbor with good is strengthened, there will be no harmony in the interaction of man with nature. with others, with yourself.

Do good without any conditions and conventions. Do not pass by the small, in anticipation of something global. Feed the kitten, help the sick man, give the beggar, get off for a weak, wait for the honor of a friend. From these small pebbles of good deeds, there will be a magnificent mosaic of your life.

Good conquers evil not only in fairy tales. By our thoughts and deeds, we ourselves write the book of life, and ourselves have the right to decide how to complete it. Let’s finish this book with the victory of the era of mercy, tolerance, humanism, kindness, generosity and eternal love!

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Composing mercy is