Composing man in the world of people

Each person lives in his own world, only there are no two similar worlds, just like there are no similar people. For someone, the world is the inner world, for others favorite cities, streets. Everyone has the right to create and choose his own way of life, his own world, in which he wants to live. A person almost always binds something to life, if there is no such support, that is, he does not need to live, there is no purpose in life, no one to whom he could help or for whom he could work, a person feels his needlessness, he is deprived of the joy of the results of his activities.

Inside me, too, there is peace. These are my thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories. Each person is individual and has his own attitude to the existence in the world. We see our city, the streets are not what they are, but what we would like them to be. “Our life is what we think about it.” according to Marcus Aurelius. If a person thinks only of the bad, he will not believe in himself,

he will not rejoice for himself, others he will not achieve the goals, tasks, he will close in himself! See the human brain – his own world, capable of Hell to remake into Heaven, or Sky – into the Abyss. Dale Carnegie. In many self-contained people, the world is limited, fenced off from all, there is a reluctance to find a common language with people, a fear of communication.

I believe that feelings are dying now. Our time is a time of indifference, indifference and calculation, to everything that surrounds us. People have become very selfish. Everyone lives only by themselves. No one will help, will not give advice, will not guide the right path. If one goes to another road, the first will remember and take revenge. Around one flattery, betrayal, deception. Of course, there are honest, kind people with whom you want to communicate, but, unfortunately, there are not many of them. And also our world is a world of injustice, hatred, greed. We watch TV, just talk with people, and from everywhere you can hear that everything can be bought. And many say it in the open. Money is a good thing, but when you

experience a lot of them not at all what is called a sense of satisfaction, ideals, traditions collapse, life falls, such as it should be Hate. … How much grief for her.. .Chechnya. Moscow… The taking of hostages in the “Nord-Ost” … To emphasize their individuality, many are capable of anything. Skinheads who beat Caucasians, black people, people with narrow eyes, and their slogan “Russia for Russians”. Vid so it is impossible, if the person other color of a skin with you, not similar shape of eyes, it does not mean, what is it the bad person.

It is necessary to be friends and respect people regardless of their nationality. Now people from Tajikistan who come to Moscow do not do anything wrong, on the contrary, they work: they sweep the yards, build houses, work in cafes, etc. And some Russians have turned into homeless people, drunkards, no one wants to work. So if you make administrative restrictions on the entry of people from other countries, cities that do not have a registration, then after a while there will be no one to work! Reading books, interesting conversations, going to museums, theaters, doing homework were replaced by watching action movies and imported cartoons. Although I also sometimes find it interesting to watch a series or a cartoon, I understand that this is unnecessary. And how these films are capable of occupying the heads of children! In the cartoons, children’s programs appeared profanity. Heroes of cartoons, movies are very cruel.

On the TV screens, blood, violence, drugs, whether it’s news, film or TV series. The spectator is deprived of positive emotions! Where are Russian folk tales, where are old Soviet films? Show only once a year on the eve of the New Year “With a light steam.” And when new films will be shot, serials with positive emotions, from which you will have fun? You can not lose human qualities, you have to try to correct the situation of our country, our city, society.

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Composing man in the world of people