Composing my house

Every person has a place where he feels safe. For me, this place is my home, warm and cozy, from childhood preserving my peace. When I feel sad, I come here and watch my favorite films, when it’s fun – I invite friends. In the walls of the house are gathered on holidays relatives, and in the summer visit to visit my beloved grandmother. She makes me pancakes with jam, and the house is filled with a delicious smell that I remember and love since I turned five.

My house is very beautiful and it has a special, soulful atmosphere. The walls are decorated with my children’s photos and photos of my parents, there are flowers on the windowsills, which I water, putting my piece of warmth into a common comfort. Probably, that’s why my house is so dear to me, which I love with all my heart. This is my own small corner in which you can hide from the whole world. My tiny planet, where I rejoice in the world, spying on him through a book. Sometimes I imagine how book

characters come to life and talk with me, sometimes I fall asleep over my favorite adventure novel, or ponder over the pages thinking about my future and about my school friends.

I always want to go home: in the afternoon after school or in the evening after a walk. If it’s cold outside, then the house warms me with its walls, and when it’s hot, I find the long-awaited coolness in it. My house caresses me gently before I go to sleep. I close my eyes and pretend to be the captain of a large ship that carries me through the waves to meet adventures. It has always been so, and even now, when I start growing up, I still feel the wind of wanderings and the whispers of the ocean breeze. Therefore, I always want to return to the warm shelter, where you can hide from the rain and snow, watch the snowflakes slowly melting on the windowpane and drinking hot tea.

It seems to me that every person who has a favorite home is as happy as I am. Hiding in his world, he can dream of traveling, doing his favorite thing and making plans for the future. In many ways our character is formed depending on the place where we live. If everything is fine at home, then you will certainly feel confident in yourself and support. In difficult moments of life, the calm aura of your home will help you find the right solution and not make a mistake. And if it becomes very difficult, then all the troubles can be forgotten, as in childhood, climbing with his feet in the old grandfather’s armchair and hiding under a fluffy rug.

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Composing my house