Composing a story on a free topic

My day at school is an essay writing

The school is completely empty. It’s unusually quiet. I quickly go up to the third floor and go to the window. Today I came earlier, because we are on duty with Marina. But for some reason she is late. Ten minutes pass, and the corridors are filled with merry childish noise. The bell rings, and everyone disperses according to their classes. Our history teacher is in the study. He tells us about the heroic deeds of the ancient Romans and Greeks. It’s exciting exciting!

At the first change, we have gymnastics, which is conducted by high school students. There are four more lessons ahead. Among them my most favorite is geography. Today I learned how to navigate the terrain. Now you can safely go with friends on a hike – do not get lost. So in every lesson we study something interesting, learn a lot of new and useful things. Lessons are over. Where to go? How much time to do! I want to go to an exhibition of flowers, play with my younger sister.

But now I’m in a hurry for training, where I’m waiting for a tennis racket and a ball. The coach will again teach how to work out strokes and improve the technique of the game. Perhaps soon I will go to the show competitions. And after training, I hurry home, because how many lessons you need to have time to learn. There is almost no free time left, but I’m glad that the day was fruitful and I did not waste time in vain.

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Composing a story on a free topic