Composing a cultured person

Translated from the Latin language, the word “culture” means – processing, education, education. This word was used as the opposite of the word “nature” – nature. That is, everything that the human hand touched, all artificial, unnatural – fell under this definition. But, knowing the world around him, a person learned, and from that also “processed” himself, engaged in education and upbringing.

A cultured man, in my opinion, is a man brought up. He not only learned the rules of behavior that parents and teachers tell him; he constantly strives to improve, he follows himself, his language, his actions. This is a person who always has the courage to admit his mistakes, never being ashamed to apologize in time. Probably, this is also a sensitive person who will sincerely sympathize with you in your grief, and just as sincerely, without envy, will rejoice at your success. A cultured person is an enlightened person. She constantly

seeks to learn something new and not only in the field of science that he has chosen as his future profession. A cultural person seeks to know life in all its manifestations-in science, art, politics, love, family life, the upbringing of children, and so on.

A cultured person is a person with a certain moral thinking and ethics. A person of culture, plus this, is a representative of a certain socio-group cultural tradition.

This is a person who does not think of himself as a cultural person, that is, he does not pay attention to what he does all the way that is done in a normal civilized society. Despite the existence in the world of different ideas about culture, there are some general principles. For a man, this is respect for a woman, and for a woman all the values ​​that have attracted men for centuries are important. That is, a person, not considering himself an embodiment of culture, should not evoke some negative emotions in his or her person.

A man with a rich spiritual world, endowed with inner delicacy. And also a person who is able first of all to appreciate and respect people.


person who accepts others as they are. And if a person has tolerance for someone else’s opinion and way of life, then, perhaps, it can be called truly cultural. And if there is no such tolerance in him, and even if he has ten formations, he will not be a cultured person

A person who knows the culture of his people and the peoples of Russia and the world. It is not necessary to have a higher education at the same time, enough that this person will never be told: he is ignorant.

The person who lives in a large city, rotates in high society, etc. It seems to me that it is possible to be cultured in the taiga as a shepherd, fitter, or mechanic. Who in the soul of nature itself is pledged to behave with dignity, respecting oneself, and therefore others. a cultured person respects the traditions created by any people, the boundaries of propriety established by him.

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Composing a cultured person