What is heartless writing

In my understanding, callousness is cruelty, ruthlessness, spiritual coldness. This is the inability to foresee the consequences of his stale attitude toward the feelings and experiences of another person.

It is difficult to imagine the pain experienced by the hero of the story I read “Cage without a bird”, when he learned that people close to him because of his own negligence allowed the death of his beloved bird. My father knew that he was saving a seagull and building a cage for her. Kolya and his mother, who is no longer alive, called the bird “Black Back”, which was a kind of memory of her. However, he casually reported the death of the bird, not ashamed to admit that he did not want to mess with the fish for her. And really quite ruthlessly sounds the phrase of Elena Stanislavovna, a woman who looks like all the cruel stepmothers of fairy tales: “Think a bird!”

About callousness and the story of K. G. Paustovsky “Telegram”. Katerina Petrovna spent the last years of her life alone and died, without waiting for attention and cordiality from her own daughter, Nastya. But such situations in our lives, alas, can not be counted.

Humbleness is a synonym for the word “Cruelty”. This phenomenon is very scary, because it can deprive a person of faith in kindness and compassion. Indeed, callousness is one of the most disgusting manifestations of the cruelty of the human character. From it, it seems to me all our troubles.

Sadly, the world is full of callousness and callousness, but to change it for the better, we must eradicate these qualities, first of all in ourselves.

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What is heartless writing