Writing is my best friend

My best friend is Dmitry. We are friends with him since kindergarten, and now we are in the same class and live in the neighborhood. We are united by a lot, and we share with each other the most cherished desires and secrets. I know that Dima is a faithful companion, and he will never reveal my secrets to anyone. He also trusts me and knows that I am as faithful a comrade as he is.

Dima is an intelligent boy and helps me in everything. He is a good student at school, and sometimes I ask him to help me do my homework. He always explains me in detail how to solve this or that problem. I am grateful to him for his help and patience towards me, as I do not always understand everything at once. He has light-brown short-cropped hair and blue, bottomless eyes. In physical education, he is second, he is one of the tallest boys in the class, and I stand in fourth place.

We are friends not only at school, but also abroad. Dima is able to come up with interesting games in which we play on the street or at someone’s house. His fantasies can only be envied and we are never bored together. People say about us that we do not have any water. I would like to have such a brother, although he is like a brother to me, so we are close people with him.

Once we were together in the village with my grandmother. There was a river, where we went for a swim. Coming closer, we heard screams for help, shouted the little boy. Dima, without hesitation, rushed to his rescue and saved him. It turned out that the boy was trying to catch a butterfly and fell into the river. He and his parents thanked Dima for a long time, and I was proud that I had such a friend.

I knew before that he was a brave and brave boy, but by this act he showed that he was ready to come to the aid of even a stranger. I hope that all our lives we will be friends, support each other and never quarrel until old age.

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Writing is my best friend