Composing a narrative with description elements

Once we decided to go to the forest with my friends. The case was in the autumn, in September. We waited for Sunday, took a compass so as not to get lost, and went. Grandmother gave us sandwiches so that we would not get hungry. There were six of us from our yard and we never went to the forest without adults. We were a little worried. September is the first month of autumn. Autumn, you can say, is just beginning. It’s still warm, almost like in the summer. The trees have already begun to turn yellow, but not all.

Especially good it was seen in the woods: one tree stands green, even does not think to be painted in autumn color. And the other – already yellow-yellow, and begins to discard the leaves. They fall on the path and sound rustling under their feet. We decided that when we leave the forest, we will collect bouquets from such leaves and give them to our mothers. The forest in autumn is very beautiful. Breathing there is good, the birds sang. And some birds did

not sing, but popped – it’s magpies, they like to scream, scream at the whole forest, seeing a stranger. It is they of other forest dwellers who warn that someone came from someone else, be on the alert.

We really wanted to meet in the forest an animal: to see a fox with a red tail, or hare coward, or at least a prickly hedgehog. And especially we wanted to meet the gray, terrible wolf and show him that we are not afraid of him at all. Each of us held a large comfortable stick, which we directly on the edge of the forest made of large dry branches. But none of this we did not get, apparently, forty of all managed to warn, to hide better. But we got mushrooms. At first one boy who was in the woods for the first time shouted: “Oh, I found something!” We looked – it was a mushroom. These mushrooms are well known to me. These are very good mushrooms. They are bright yellow and have a slightly strange shape, they can look like small vases, but sometimes they are very twisted. And the most pleasant thing about these mushrooms is that they grow very large families,

Therefore, we all

immediately had an occupation: we very carefully examined the clearing and collected a few dozen of these cute yellow mushrooms. They are called chanterelles. That’s how lucky we were: we did not meet the fox, but the chanterelles were typed. The grass also began to turn yellow, but it was almost green. We went to another edge of the forest, next to a large meadow in the meadow. There stood a large haystack. And we decided to make a halt there. We rested and went home. The road home for some reason was shorter, because we were a little tired and did not stop to admire the surroundings. At home, my grandmother fried our mushrooms and potatoes. They were very delicious.

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Composing a narrative with description elements