Summary “The Case from Practice” by Chekhov

The professor received a telegram. The daughter of the owner of the factory, Ms. Lyalikova, was seriously ill. The professor sent the resident Korolev. The residents were sent to the resident. The road was long enough. When Korolev arrived, it was Saturday evening. He looked around, admiring the beautiful nature. When Korolyov was looking at “some factory from afar or near, I always thought that everything outside is quiet and peaceful, and inside, it must be impassable ignorance and stupid egoism of the owners, boring, unhealthy work of workers, squabbles, vodka, insects “.

Finally they arrived. The queen was invited into the house. He met with Mrs. Lyalikova. It was a full and elderly lady, apparently, she was simple and illiterate. Next to her was governess Khristina Dmitrievna. It was she who began to talk in detail about the illness of Lisa, the daughter of Mrs. Lyalikova. “… In the morning she had such a heartbeat that everyone in the house did not

sleep, they were afraid, as if she were dead.” “She, we can say, was ill when she was young,” said Khristina Dmitrievna in a singing voice, wiping her lips with her hand every now and then. “The doctors say it’s nerves, but when she was little, the doctors drove the scrofula inside, so, I think, maybe from this.”

Liza turned out to be an adult and an ugly girl. In the first minute she seemed unhappy and miserable to the Queen. But he remembered that she was the heiress of a huge factory. Korolev examined the patient. She complained of a heartbeat, asked for medication. After the examination, the doctor said that the heart is fine; probably the reason – in frustrated nerves.

He advised Lisa to go to bed. Suddenly the girl sobbed. “And the impression of a wretched and ugly creature suddenly disappeared, and Korolev did not notice either the small eyes or the grossly developed lower part of his face, he saw a soft, painful expression that was so reasonable and touching, and all she seemed to him slender, feminine, simple, and I wanted to reassure her not with medicine,

not with advice, but with a simple affectionate word. ” Mother tried to comfort her daughter. She did not understand why the girl was suffering so much. The old woman herself sobbed.

Korolev began to console Lisa. And he thought that it was time for the girl to marry. Khristina Dmitrievna began to talk in detail about the medicines that Lisa was taking. The governess tried to give advice to the doctor. It was clear that she considered herself intelligent and educated. The Queen became annoyed.

He told Lisa’s mother that the girl does not have anything serious. And you can continue the treatment that was prescribed by the factory doctor. Ms. Lyalikova looked at him attentively. The doctor was going to the train, but Lisa’s mother asked him to stay the night. Korolev agreed.

For him in the hall and living room lit lamps and candles. He looked at the portraits and paintings on the walls. All the faces in the portraits were ugly and uninteresting. The furnishings of the house, though luxurious, seemed casual and uncomfortable.

Soon he was called to supper. There were a lot of wines and snacks on the table. But he had supper together with the governess. She ate with appetite and drank, talked about the factory. She talked about the fact that the workers are very pleased with the owners. The governess said that she has been living here for 11 years, she has become quite her own.

Korolev realized that Khristina Dmitrievna “lived here in her full pleasure.” After dinner, the doctor was shown a room prepared for him. But he could not sleep, so he went out into the street. The doctor looked at the five factory buildings, barracks and warehouses.

He thought about the fact that the life of workers is probably as heavy and hopeless as in other factories. Korolev thought that “thousands of one and a half or two factory workers work without rest, in an unhealthy situation, making a bad chintz, they live half-hungry and only occasionally in a tavern they get sober from this nightmare, a hundred people supervise their work, and the whole life of this hundred goes to writing fines, abuse, injustice, and only two or three, the so-called masters, enjoy benefits, although they do not work at all and despise a bad chintz. “

Korolev thought that the owner of the factory and her daughter were unhappy. Only the governess lives well. “And it turns out that it means that all these five buildings are working and in the eastern markets a bad chintz is for sale only so that Khristina Dmitrievna can eat sterlet and drink Madeira.”

The doctor went into the field. Here he sat down on the blackboard and continued to think.

After a while, Korolev returned to the house. He heard that in the next room they were not sleeping. The doctor decided to visit the patient. Lisa did not sleep. He checked her pulse, asked her what she was thinking. The girl answered that it is hard every night for her. Lisa suffered from incomprehensible anxiety. She would like to talk with a close friend. The girl said she was very lonely, despite the fact that she loves her mother. The doctor and Lisa talked about a variety of things; their conversation was more philosophical, rather than had any practical direction. Korolev realized that Lisa was intelligent and uncommon.

The next day the girl was festively dressed. When leaving, the doctor no longer remembered his painful thoughts about factory life, but thought about that time, perhaps, already close, when life will be as bright and joyful as this quiet Sunday morning, and thought about how it was it is pleasant in such a morning, in the spring, to go on a triple, in a good carriage and bask in the sun. “

Dr. Korolev, who visited a sick girl Lisa, thinks a lot about the fate of workers in the factory, which Lisa will inherit, about the girl herself. He suddenly realizes that both Liza and her mother, so rich and prosperous, are very unhappy. The rich bride also suffers, like the workers in her factory. Mental suffering transformed the ugly Lisa, and Korolev saw in her an intelligent and uncommon personality with a beautiful soul. But Korolyov can not long think about the fate of people, and, leaving, he again enjoys the beautiful Sunday morning, the sun.

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Summary “The Case from Practice” by Chekhov