Summary “How an elephant saved a host from a tiger” Zhitkova

Hindus have tame elephants. One Indian went with an elephant to the wood for firewood.

The forest was deaf and wild. The elephant trampled the owner of the road and helped to bring down trees, and the owner loaded them on an elephant.

Suddenly the elephant ceased to obey the master, began to look around, shake his ears, and then lifted the trunk and roared.

The owner also looked around, but did not notice anything. He began to get angry at the elephant and beat him on the ears with a branch. And the elephant bent the trunk crochet to raise the master on his back.

The owner thought: “I’ll sit on his neck – so it will be even more convenient for me to reign”.

He sat down on an elephant and became a branch to whip the elephant to his ears. The elephant backed away, stomped and spun the trunk. Then he froze and pricked up his ears. “

The owner picked up a branch to forcefully hit the elephant, but suddenly a huge tiger jumped out of the bushes. He wanted to attack the elephant from behind and jump on his back.

But he got his hands on the firewood, the firewood fell down. The tiger wanted to jump another time, but the elephant had already turned, grabbed the tiger’s trunk with the trunk’s trunk, squeezed it like a thick rope. The tiger opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and shook his paws.

And the elephant had already lifted it up, then hit the ground and began to trample down. And the elephant’s legs are like pillars. And the elephant trampled the tiger into a cake. When the owner came to his senses with fear, he said:

“How stupid I was to beat an elephant!” And he saved my life. The owner took out bread from the bag, which he had prepared for himself, and gave it all to the elephant.

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Summary “How an elephant saved a host from a tiger” Zhitkova