Composition “Oak”

A mighty oak tree with a strong trunk and strong branched branches grew on a spacious, light edge. This is the most beautiful oak in the whole oak forest, it was about such trees that people sang songs, and poets wrote poems. Oak is an amazing tree. After all, he grew up from a small but happy acorn (not all acorns germinate), which lost either a jay or a squirrel and did not find a wild boar. Several branches sprouted up to the sky, so thin that it is surprising how they hold, and the smallest twig is covered with a huge oak leaf.

The oak tree is a beautiful tree, its flat wide leaves allow light to pass through it to the ground, where a lot of smaller plants grow, and the roots are friendly with mushrooms, and so in the oak forests there are so many mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms.

If a caterpillar attacks a tree, other trees may die – just not an oak tree. He will survive – the same summer it will have leaves. Oak will not perish even if it is chopped down by loggers.

Only the stump will remain!

Time will pass – and from the stump stretching to the sun leaves: it will wake up the “sleeping” buds, which for decades, and even centuries, were waiting for their time. One, the strongest, branch will become a new trunk.

Oak at many nations of the world was revered as a symbol of power, wisdom and longevity.

Fencing around the oak; made by a caring human hand, is a symbol of the unity of nature with man. This oak has lived several centuries – let it live on and give people joy.

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Composition “Oak”