Biography of Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas is a singer, actress.

Patricia was born on December 5, 1966 in France. Passion for singing in the biography of Patricia Kaas manifested itself in childhood. Also at an early age, Patricia began her musical career with a victory in a song contest. Then she signed a contract with the studio “Rumpelkammer” at the age of 13, after which she moved to the modeling business three years later.

Actor Gerard Depardieu undertook to produce a talented girl. So, in 1985 Kaas became known as a singer – her first song “Jalouse” was released, which was not successful. But the following songs glorified Patricia Kaas.

The first album of the singer “Mademoiselle chante…” for a long time took the second place in the French album rating. Later he became platinum, and Patricia was recognized as the opening of the year. Patricia Kaas is also known for her private tours. In 1990, she made the first world tour, gave many successful


In 1990, Patricia with the record company CBS Records released the second album “Scene de vie”, which once again confirmed the popularity of the singer. With this album, Kaas toured the USSR, Japan, Canada and other countries. In 1993, the following album was released: “Je te dis vous”. This album is considered one of the most successful in the career of the singer.

The most mysterious, perhaps, album for Patricia Kaas is “Black Coffee”. After all, he was never officially sold. But the time of release of the next album in the biography of Kaas – “Dans ma chair”, is known reliably – 1997 year. Since then the following Kaas albums have appeared: “Le mot de passe”, “Piano Bar”, “Sexe fort”, “Kabare”.

The first major role of Patricia in the movie was received in 2001. In addition, for the entire biography of Kaas received many awards and prizes.

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Biography of Patricia Kaas