Biography of Valeria

Valeria is a Russian singer.

The singer Valeria was born on April 17, 1968 in Atkarsk, Saratov region, in the family of honored workers of culture. The first musical education in the biography of Valeria was received at the music school of Atkarsk. Then she graduated from Saratov Conservatoire. In 1985 she entered the Moscow Gnesins Music Academy, which she graduated in 1990.

In those days for Valeria, the biography was full of events. So she recorded the first album in English, and at the same time worked on Russian romances. At the beginning of her musical career many times participated in various competitions. So in 1991 she won the “Morning Star”, in 1992 – the international competition “Bratislava League”.

After marrying Alexander Shulgin, who later was the author of songs and the producer, Valeria began to record a new album “Anna”. It was he who brought the singer great popularity. In 1996-1998 he teaches at the academy, where he once studied.

After the release of several successful albums, Valeriya leaves the stage because of disagreements with Shulgin. Having divorced him in 2003, she began collaborating with producer I. Prigogine. In the autumn of the same year the first album comes out after the return to the stage of the singer. Next year 2004 was rich in awards. It was then that Valery received his MUZ-TV, MTV RMA, and then four Golden Gramophone awards. In 2005 she received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Since then, there are two more albums of the singer. In August 2008, the singer became Goodwill Ambassador of the IOM to the UN. Valeria has three children, now married to Joseph Prigozhin.

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Biography of Valeria