The history of Agatha Christie’s group

Agatha Christie is a Russian band playing in the style of art-rock, post-punk.

The Agatha Christie group was founded in 1988 by Vadim Samoilov, Peter May, Alexander Kozlov. Taking a great interest in music back in school, this three during the study at the institute founded the group “RTF UPI”, which played in a break between performances in the KVN of its native team – “Ural janitors”. After the release of several albums in 1988, the band’s name was changed to “Agatha Christie”.

The first concert in the biography of the group “Agatha Christie” was held on February 20, 1988. The first album was called “The Second Front”. The second album “Cunning and Love” made the band famous. Then Peter May came out of the team, but Lev Shutylev, Albert Potapkin, came to the collective. The next album was “Decadence” in 1991.

The hit “As in the war” from the next album “The Shameful Star” shook the band’s former popularity after some stagnation. After that, in the biography of “Agatha Christie” was signed a contract with the company “Rise Music”, and in 1995 the album “Opium” was released. The next albums were “Hurricane”, “Miracles”, “Mine Kaif”, “Thriller: Part 1”.

In March 2001, Alexander Kozlov passed away. In February 2009, the band announced the completion of their work and a farewell tour.

Group members:

Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, texts: Gleb Samoylov.

Vocals, guitar, keyboards: Vadim Samoilov.

Percussion: Dmitry Khakimov.

Keyboards, bass: Konstantin Bekrev.

Also the previous participants were Alexander Kozlov, Albert Potapkin, Lev Shutylev, Alexander Kuznetsov.

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The history of Agatha Christie’s group