Biography of the Madonna

Madonna – singer, actress.

Born August 16 in Bay City, Michigan. At birth, she was named Madonna Louise Ciccone.

The biography of the Madonna is known for its mixture of talent, beauty, self-promotion. So she became one of the most popular artists of the 20th century. She presented her first album to the world in 1983 as an experienced pop singer. All the time, Madonna attracted the views of the public, trying on one image, then another. She acted as a queen of a nightclub, a performer of ballads, a cowboy girl, a medium of the mysterious east.

In 1984, Madonna released the following album “Like a Virgin”. The hit in it was the song of Madonna “Material Girl”, which gave the singer the same nickname. The next albums of Madonna were: “Ray of Light”, “Music”, “American Life”, “Confessions on a Dance Floor”, “Hard Candy”. She starred in more than a dozen films. For example, in

the movie “Dick Tracy”, “Their own league”.

Not afraid to cause discussion, the singer for a long time was a favorite tabloids. The newspapers covered, discussed a whole series of her specific video clips, appearances on television, as well as weddings. In her biography Madonna from 1985 to 1989 was married to actor Sean Penn. In 2000, the singer married the director Guy Ritchie. In 2008, she announced that she would soon be divorced.

In 1996, she had a daughter, Lourdes, from personal trainer Carlos Leon. In August 2000, in the family of Madonna and Richie, a son was born, Rocco. In October 2006, the couple adopted a mother-deprived 13-month-old child, David Banda from the African country of Malawi.

Additional data: In the biography of Madonna, a dance education was received at the University of Michigan. As a result of the fall of the singer from the horse in 2005, she broke her collarbone, and also damaged three ribs. The American Recording Association in 2008 reported that Madonna has sold more than 63 million albums for her entire career.

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Biography of the Madonna