Biography of Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina – singer, was born on March 27, 1987.

After finishing the first class in Greece Polina moved to Saratov, where she went to music school. In the biography of Gagarina, from childhood, along with a passion for music, dancing talent was manifested. After not enrolling in a ballet school, after graduating from the 9th form of the school Polina went to the Gnessin School.

The victory at the “Star Factory-2” was a significant event in the biography of Polina Gagarina. However, surprisingly producer Maxim Fadeeva, she refused to record the album. But I did not stop doing music – I wrote and wrote songs in the studio.

In 2005, a clip was released for Gagarina’s famous song “Lullaby”, which also pleasantly impressed the singer’s fans. In 2005 Polina participated in the contest “New Wave”. There she took third place among young talented performers. Since then, the famous singer has released several songs that have become hits. But on the “New Wave” in 2007 Gagarin, as a well-deserved singer of the contest, appeared with the song on the opening day. In the same year she recorded the soundtrack for the television series “Daughters-mothers”.

In 2006, in the biography of Polina Gagarina, another important event occurred: she entered the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. There Polina got acquainted with Peter Kislov, whom she married in August 2007. In the end of 2007 she gave birth to her son.

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Biography of Polina Gagarina