Biography of Britney Spears

Biography of Britney Spears

Britney Jean Spears – American singer, dancer, actress.

Childhood in the biography of Britney Spears took place in the class: besides the school the girl sang in the choir, was fond of rhythmic gymnastics. The musical career of Britney began with participation in the show “New Club Mickey Mouse.” Having started singing solo, recorded a CD, signed a contract with “Jive Records”. At first she sang before the performances of the groups.

A huge popularity in the biography of Britney Spears came after the song “Baby One More Time”. Her album was released in 1999, for 60 weeks was in 20 of the best albums. World tour Britney started after the release of the second album “Oops! …. I Did It Again”. The third album in the biography of Spears confirmed her star status. The fourth one – “In The Zone” was released in 2003.

For the song “Toxic”, and performed under her dance, Britney won the “Grammy” award. In October 2007, the album “Blackout” was released, but it was not as popular as the previous 4 albums. But the song “Piece of Me” and the clip on it in 2008 brought Britney 3 wins on VMA.

As for the acting career in the biography of Britney Spears, the popular singer has been involved in various productions since 8 years. The first big role in the movie “Crossroads” brought Spears the title of the worst actress. Then Britney starred in several episodic roles, began to conduct a television show “Saturday night.”

A great interest of the fans is the singer’s personal life. At the beginning of her biography, Britney Spears was associated with Justin Timberlake, who met for 4 years and broke relationships in 2001. And in 2004, Spears married Kevin Federline, from whom she gave birth to two sons. In 2007, in a biography of Spears, a divorce was held with Kevin Federline.

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Biography of Britney Spears