Biography of Guf

Alexey Dolgatov is a Russian rap singer.

He was born on September 23, 1979 in Moscow.

Biography Guf is complex and unpredictable. Alexei, born in Moscow, spent several years with his parents in China. He studied at two universities – Chinese and Russian. In spite of the fact that Guf was fond of music for a long time, for the first time the participant of the rap group became in 2000. Then in 2002 the rapper began working on a solo album.

In 2004, another important event took place in the biography of Guf. Together with the rapper Vadim Motylev, Alexei formed the band CENTR. In the same year before the New Year, the unofficial release of Guf’s first album took place. But the first album of Guf in the group CENTR was released in 2007. Then came Guf’s solo album – “City of roads”.

Great popularity among Russian fans was achieved a year before. It was in 2006 that Guf’s song “Gossip” came out, which brought him a celebrity. In the song the rapper discussed Russian singers, and also referred to the newspaper “Life”. It is noteworthy that later the band CENTR performed this song on the corporation of that same newspaper, and in the hall were present many of the pop stars discussed in the song.

The songs of Guf are devoted to the themes of drugs, street, topical issues. Guf’s clips in the CENTR group: “Night”, “Traffic”, “City of roads”, “My game”, “New Year”. Also Guf’a songs differ by the specific pronunciation of the letter “p”, which, nevertheless, did not prevent the rapper from gaining popularity.

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Biography of Guf