Biography of the DJ of Tiesto

Biography of the DJ of Tiesto

DJ Tiesto – DJ, composer, producer, was born in the Netherlands.

The fascination with music in the biography of DJ Tiesto was evident at the age of 12. Taking the pseudonym Tiesto, Tiys first began to perform at small parties, and then began to play in the nightclub The Spock. Music DJ Tiesto at the time, although it was in demand, but did not bring monetary prosperity. So Thijs worked as a postman, a salesman.

After recording the first album, Tiesto quickly became famous, which pushed him to further development. In 1995 DJ Tiesto himself began to play music in the style of house. In 1997, in collaboration with Arnie Bink, the record company Black Hole Recordings was founded, which began to develop gradually, eventually included the Magik Muzik division. At the concert

of DJ Tiesto you can hear the music that is published under the label Magik Muzik.

The most important event in the biography of DJ Tiesto was the performance in 1998 at the Innercity Festival, after which the world fame came to Tiys. After participating in Love Parade, as well as festivals Gatecrasher, Nature One, Mayday, performances in the clubs of Ibiza, the popularity of Tiesto was even more consolidated.

Concerts Tiesto really grasping. So in 2003 his show “Tiesto in Concert” was held, which gathered more than 25 thousand spectators. Since 2002, DJ Tiesto has received the title of the best DJ of the world three times. Since then, he has received many awards, titles. Even in the photo of DJ Tiesto, you can see the energy, and also the charisma.

DJ Tiesto’s albums are famous not only for remixes. The debut album Tiesto “In My Memory” contains several outstanding compositions. The next album “Just Be” became even more popular, erased the obvious line between club and pop music. The clips of DJ Tiesto are made for many compositions. Later the albums “Elements of Life”, “Elements of Life: Remixed” were recorded.

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Biography of the DJ of Tiesto