Biography of Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston – singer, producer, actress, fashion model.

Born Whitney on August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey. Her mother was singing, so Whitney was not indifferent to music since her childhood. She attended several churches, and at 11 years became a soloist in the church choir. Traveling with her mother, she performed on stage for the first time. The first contracts with record companies in the biography of Whitney Houston were made in the early 1980s. At one of the performances in New York, the singer was noticed by representatives of the company “Arista Records”, so that soon Whitney signed a contract with this company. In 1983, Houston took part in the “Show of Murphy Griffin”, and became famous throughout the country.

The first album in Whitney’s career Houston was released in 1985. He brought the singer a lot of popularity and high positions in music ratings. The debut of the singer was so successful that after the first album

she received several significant awards. For example, “Grammy”, “Emmy”, “MTV Video Music Awards” and others. The next album was released in 1987, immediately reached the first place in the charts.

The third album of the singer “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, revealing her talent in a few other genres, was released in 1990. Although the album sold slightly worse than the previous one, it deserved great praise from critics. And in 1991, the singer performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl, while making this single commercial.

Houston debut in the movie took place in 1992. For the film with her participation “Bodyguard” Whitney Houston performed 6 songs. The single “I Will Always Love You” brought her a resounding success, as well as the Grammy Awards in the nominations “Album of the Year”, “Record of the Year”.

The next album “My Love Is Your Love” was released in 1998, and before that, Houston recorded several soundtracks. The album revealed new facets of Whitney’s talent. In 2000,

the singer again received the National Academy Award, this time as “Best R & B singer”. In total, Whitney Houston released eight collections of the best songs.

And the next studio album was released in 2002, but was severely criticized. The album “One Wish: The Holiday Album” in 2003 also had no commercial success, and critics were met with controversy. In 2009, Whitney Houston’s album “I Look To You” was released.

In 1992, Houston married the singer Bobby Brown. After many complicated family situations, Whitney filed for divorce in 2006. In 2007, by decision of the court, daughter Christina remained in the custody of her mother. In the same year, Brown decided to appeal the court’s decision, but the result remained the same.

The singer died on February 11, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton. Later, the results of the investigation were published, which established the cause of death – drowning, heart disease and drug use.

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Biography of Whitney Houston