History of the Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains is an American band playing in the style of rock, metal rock, grunge.

In 1987, Jerry Cantrell and Lane Staley founded the band “Alice in Chains”. Later they were joined by Mike Starr, Sean Kinney. The band was formed in Seattle, so at first they played in local clubs. After club success in 1989, a contract was signed with the record company “Columbia Records”. The first album in the biography “Alice in Chains” was released in 1990, soon became a gold one.

In 1990, “Alice in Chains” cooperates with many bands playing in the style of metal. Also this period in the biography of the group “Alice in Chains” is marked by the creation of several songs for the films. In 1992, the group’s second studio album, “Dirt”, was released, which became platinum three times. Mike Starr leaves the band, Mike Inez plays instead. Then “Alice in Chains” releases an acoustic album – “Jar of Flies”. In 1995, released the third album – “Tripod”, twice received platinum.

In April 2002, Lane Steyli died, and failed to get rid of drug addiction. After that, only in 2005 the band started playing again. The vocalist was replaced by William Duvall. The next album of the band “Alice in Chains” was released in 2009.

Group members:

Vocals: Lane Staley.

Guitar, lyrics: Jeri Cantrell.

Bass: Mike Inez.

Percussion: Sean Kinney.

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History of the Alice In Chains