The role of childhood in the formation of a person’s personality

Childhood… This is the time that was in the life of each of us. What does it look like? No, this is not only a carefree pastime, it is also a step, on which, a person prepares to enter adulthood, developing all sorts of qualities in himself, receiving a certain life experience. Childhood is a period when a small person becomes a great person – a person.

The author of the text V. Peskov, telling about his childhood, writes: “Scrolling, where, when and to what I learned, without hesitation I say: the main school of life falls on these years.”

I can not disagree with the opinion of the author. It is childhood that is a certain “test” for readiness for adulthood. Many Russian writers and poets dedicated their works to their childhood. So, Maxim Gorky in his autobiographical work “Childhood” tells about the young years of A. Peshkov. The boy had a hard time: by the time Alyosha went to school, his family was poor, and the boy had to get his own food and money himself, and soon he went “into people” at the insistence of his grandfather. But the mockery of fate on this did not end: his loved ones died one after another, and peers did not like him. But, surprisingly, it did not break Alesha, on the contrary, the boy was born with wonderful qualities, such as compassion and sensitivity.

Reflecting on childhood, I recall the work of IA Goncharov “Oblomov.” The mother of the main hero I. Oblomov, when he was still quite a boy, was preoccupied with loving his son, imposing his attention on him, thereby limiting him in many ways. I can not blame her for loving Ilya, but it was because of this excessive love that he grew into an apathetic, lazy and uninterested person, because his interest and curiosity were “trampled” by the mother’s love in childhood.

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The role of childhood in the formation of a person’s personality