The Role of Friendship in Human Life

Every person in life had, is and will have some friends, friends, acquaintances, comrades, colleagues and neighbors. These people appear and disappear throughout life. It happens that as a child, a person has only friends, others are different in his youth, and others are in his adult life. Rarely it happens that a person has a friend who does not leave from birth until the very old age.

Many factors affect friendship. These are casual meetings, travel, new acquaintances, common interests, common work, children, and so on. In the life of every person there is an individual opinion about friendship and its role in life. For some people, friendship is not at all necessary, for some it is a necessity, and someone specifically avoids friendly relations for all sorts of reasons. For example, in order not to be deceived, it is better not to have friends. And it’s best not to let them get too close to your life, not to talk about plans, about intimate, personal, intimate, try not

to be frank and not to get into the soul. In short, you need to keep at the right distance. Then you do not have to worry about the break or quarrel. But there are situations when a friend is needed. Without him, you can not live, because it’s difficult, relatives and relatives have moved away and no one but a friend can help. Sometimes a relative can be colder than a friend. They say that a friend is known in trouble.

I agree that without friends it’s hard. They are fun, they can call, chat, they can support, cheer and so on. But this is not a regularity, alas, at least in my life. Since childhood, I realized that friends should be at a safe distance and not come near in situations where they can harm their advice. It is not right. Maybe I just did not find such a friend who will be faithful to me like a dog. For me, a friend is a husband, although I know that he does not need to tell many things, that it irritates him and is simply not interesting. But I still tell you how the ram goes against the gate and says that it’s right a thousand times. I myself know that it is not necessary. But, what

if I’m not interested in calling my friends and talking to them? When the husband calls, it’s a holiday, as if he calls me once a year and I really miss him. In other words,

So I got close to the fact that I was strongly influenced by two circumstances: postpartum depression, which was aggravated by the fact that I gained excess weight, which I had never had before and the fact that recently I lost a loved one. These circumstances led me to a dead end. I can not get out of the depressive state, all illnesses are aggravated, my heart is working at a higher rhythm and is already beginning to assert itself. All diseases from nerves.

I can not reach my husband and say that I have stress, he still does not understand, because he does not know what it is. I did not even know 5 years ago what it is and why it happens. I thought that it would not threaten me for another 20 years, and I was wrong.

Probably every person has a difficult period, which is also called a turning point. He needs to survive, wait and endure. My friends will not help me in this, because they are far from my condition. I have only acquaintances who sometimes call and ask how my affairs are, but in fact this issue is of little concern to them. But I do not blame them, because I can understand. I can take their place and see there what they see: nothing. I myself need to deal with my depression, maybe through active sports or sedatives, maybe moving or new hobbies, or maybe a diet. There are many options, but what is not known is true. Waiting for 2014, maybe he will be happier than this.

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The Role of Friendship in Human Life