Childhood composition

Childhood flies very quickly for everyone, including me. In my childhood there were so many happy moments. One of these moments is when I learned to ride a two-wheeled bike in four years. Before that, I only drove on a three-wheeled car, but one day my dad brought me a two-wheeled bike, I went out with him to the street and drove off on the third try.

It was such happiness, such a joy that I still remember this moment. Another such moment was when my father and mother went to the park, and there was an amusement “American roller coaster”. I really wanted to ride them, but at first I was rather afraid, but then all the same I swept it. Since then, I like this attraction very much.

Unfortunately, childhood does not last forever, it still ends one day, and an adult independent life comes to replace it. And how wonderful that in our memory are kept warm memories of childhood, about this wonderful, beautiful time, when you can endlessly play, have fun, be surprised.

But childhood is not only joyful moments, in childhood there are sorrows and resentments, sorrows and sorrows. But they pass so quickly that it seems that childhood consists only of bright, bright colors, colors and happiness!

Or here is another work.

Childhood for me is something big, fun, colorful and magical.

The happiest time is childhood. But that the childhood was happy, not only candies and toys, holidays and gifts are needed, but a loving family is also needed: mother, father, grandmothers, grandfathers, many brothers and sisters (not only relatives). aunt and uncle. And then childhood will be bright and happy!

Childhood is bright, because the child sees everything in color, and this palette of colors has all the colors except black. Each time of the year is colorful, beautiful, magical, unique, full of new discoveries.

Childhood can not be viewed and evaluated as a concept from a book. Many adults say that children can learn life: children are so spontaneous and natural, so inventive and unpredictable, so open and benevolent! And the children themselves also learn to live in

childhood – the most carefree time in their lives. Sometimes it seems to me that if there were no childhood, then all life would be boring and useless.

The best moments from childhood are remembered for life, for example, the first steps, the first word, the first discovery, and then you remember it with a smile.

Childhood was, is and will be for me a huge world where there is everything a person needs – parents who love you with all their heart, freedom of actions, many friends and the joy of discovery.

Remember your childhood, and your life will be happy and long!

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Childhood composition