Composition on the theme of a strong personality

Who can be called a strong personality? Of course, not necessarily someone who has pumped muscles, knows how to fight and owns martial arts. There is no question of physical strength at all. First of all, a strong personality is a person who knows how to overcome all difficulties faced by himself. And if it does not, then it accepts them with honor.

A strong personality always acts independently, she usually does not need any outside help. If he needs help, he can ask her and not remain after that in debt. In general, the most essential thing that characterizes a strong personality is complete independence from the circumstances and surrounding people: after all, having become dependent, a person must give up his own principles, and they are the essence of his personality. Wrong say those who believe that a strong person can only be born. Of course, from birth some people tend to show independence, and others – to obey.

However, many strong personalities “made” themselves, initially they were very weak and not adapted to life. In a difficult environment and “forged” the strength of the spirit, tempered character, formed a vital position. In other words, individuals are not born, they become. It happens the other way round: from birth, stubborn, stubborn and independent people, having got into a difficult situation, are disappointed in their abilities and fall into depression. Each of us has our own weaknesses; but really strong people can even lose.

Strong people drive the world. But this does not mean that they can often be seen on television or in power structures: formal power is not needed for such people. If they become rulers, they show themselves as wise and progressive leaders.

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Composition on the theme of a strong personality