Where does childhood go?

Childhood… They say that this is the happiest time of life. But we appreciate it only when it leaves or has already gone for good.

“Give a happy ticket to your childhood,” some ask. And whether it is necessary? Do I have to go back to where I’ve been? Or maybe it’s worth going ahead and discovering more and more new ones? As in Svetlov: “The horizon is leaving – I’m behind it.” Yes, childhood is a beautiful time, but it passes very unnoticed. Like a dream… Life flows smoothly, without jerks and sharp turns. You are loved, cherished, sometimes scolded, but also loving. And all of a sudden – a bolt from the blue: one day you wake up and realize that childhood is over, waved you bright wing already from the past and disappeared, flew to other shores, countries, far, far from where there is no return. You will never see him again. Childhood, not even the childhood itself, but its echoes, remain in our hearts, in our memory. It supports us, helps us not to lose heart in a difficult time.

Often you hear: “If you become a child again.” Almost everyone wants to return at least for an instant to a cloudless and carefree time, when it was possible to chase after butterflies all day, blow bubbles from the balcony and newspaper boats along the spring pools, watch the bright pictures in large books for hours…

But everything ever ends, but the completion of childhood does not mean a loss of a dream. If it is, a person always has a place for a piece of childhood that he will carry with him.

To be happy, it is not necessary to return to the country of Childhood. It is enough to keep its particle in the heart, and this tiny piece of the past, I hope, will warm up my future life and color it in the most incredible and amazing colors.

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Where does childhood go?