Composition on the theme of my house is my fortress

Composition on the theme of my house is my fortress

It’s great when a person with pride can say that his house is a mighty fortress that protects him not only from bad weather, but also from ill-wishers, bad thoughts, mental disorder. For a moment, imagine a loving owner of his home, who returned from distant wanderings. Only by turning the key in the keyhole of the door of his house does he feel something that stirs his mind and soul. This is an inner excitement before meeting with native walls.

But do all the people of the wall of the house, in which he spends most of his life, cause such awe and love? Can everyone admire the fact that the working day is already coming to an end and you can finally run away home? I think that not everyone can. So what’s the deal? Why do some people love a small cozy apartment with a long

repair, and the second do not get along in a luxurious mansion in a prestigious area of ​​the city? I’m sure the whole thing is in the atmosphere of the house. And the way it will be, light or heavy depends directly on us, the owners of our homes.

In Russian literature, there are many examples of the problem of loving one’s home. One of them is Ivan Goncharov’s work Oblomov. We remember that the main character of this novel, Ilya Oblomov, rented an apartment in Petersburg, in which chaos and disorder reigned. Even the servant of Ilya Ilyich Zakhar did not try to do anything in it. The reasons for this disorder, in my opinion, were based on the fact that there was no order in the soul of the protagonist either. And Ilya really loved his old house. The house where he spent his childhood, where his deceased mother was nursing him now, where he could run and play with his friend. That is, he loved the atmosphere created not by himself, but by his loving family. I think that only a house from childhood for Oblomov was that very fortress.

I also propose to consider the great work of Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov “The Quiet Don”. In this work, the love of all the heroes to their home is clearly traced. That life, which was established by the mother of Gregory and Peter, and who later supported

the wives of both brothers; that atmosphere and the state of the soul of the characters inside the house. It is worth recalling only the times from the novel, when the brothers returned from military campaigns home. How they were met and loved here, with what trembling and spiritual joy they returned to their home from a distant road.

I think that only the favorable atmosphere in your home, created by the “inhabitants” who inhabit your “fortress”, is able to act like a magnet. The feeling that you feel when you come home and enjoy only this simple fact that you are at home is very familiar to me. I love my home, its atmosphere and all the inhabitants that inhabit my beautiful and impregnable fortress. And, when I become an adult enough, I want to have my own home, which I wanted to come and charge with energy for life, and then give it to my family and friends, and just those who do not have it.

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Composition on the theme of my house is my fortress