Favorite season is winter

Someone likes summer, someone is crazy about spring, but I like winter. This is because I love hockey and biathlon. It is impossible to seriously engage in these sports in the warm seasons. But sport is so important to me that I even find an opportunity to train in summer: I practice hockey on the grass, shooting, I train on special simulators that imitate walking on skis.

But the real expanse for me and my friends in sports school begins in the winter. On weekends, and on vacation – every day, early in the morning we get up on skis and spend the whole day out of town. On weekdays, I practice at the Sports Palace on the hockey field. Our team is called “Vympel”, and we have already achieved significant success among juniors.

Of course, I could talk a bunch of different beautiful words about how I like winter nature, but to be honest, I’m only interested in snow as it is dense and loosened, because it affects the sliding of skis. And the weather in winter I can be interested only when it spoils, because it can interfere with my training.

Winter is my favorite season, because this is the best time for my sports, that is the most important time for me!

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Favorite season is winter