Biography of Viktor Tikhonov

Viktor Tikhonov – hockey player, hockey coach, honored coach.

Victor was born on June 4, 1930 in Moscow. Hobbies for hockey in the biography of Viktor Tikhonov in the blood. During the 1950-1960-ies he played in many hockey teams in Moscow. Having gained experience, he became an assistant coach in the team “Dynamo”. Then he became the head coach in Riga “Dynamo”. Already there, Tikhonov’s biography became known as an advanced coach, because he was able to lead the team to the fourth place in the USSR championship.

Even more revealing as coach Tikhonov was able to together with CSKA. He showed unbeatable results, 14 times won the national championship and 14 – “European Cup”. Then, heading the national team in 1977, began to conquer the World Cup. Surprisingly, the national team of the USSR seven times became the world champion under the leadership of Tikhonov.

Also in the biography of Viktor Vasilyevich Tikhonov, a separate achievement is the victory at the Olympic Games. USSR national team won gold in 1984, 1988, 1992. Tikhonov’s team won once in the Canada Cup in 1981.

There were Tikhonov’s biographies and losses. So during the 1980 Olympics, his team lost to the United States, and at the 1984 Olympics did not win anything at all. This result turned out to be unbearable for the coach: Tikhonov left the post of national team coach. In 2003, at the request again returned to coaching, but not for long: in 2004, after the defeat at the World Cup again left.

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Biography of Viktor Tikhonov