Composition “Winter Morning”

Winter morning is unusually beautiful, especially if the sun shines. Hoar frost covers trees and bushes, giving them a bluish tinge, and they stand motionless, as if enchanted. When the sunlight falls on this decoration, it starts to flicker. Bright, though cold winter sun gives fabulous scenery.

In the winter it becomes lighter later than in the summer, and therefore, when you wake up to the first lesson, it’s still dark outside. While you’re going, the sky is gradually brightening, and when you leave, it’s quite light. Frost burns his cheeks, and snow underfoot. Sometimes on the way to school there are “slips” – small areas of the rolled up ice. And you, riding up, passing a couple of meters on your feet. Few can resist and pass by. The kids are taken to the kindergarten on sledges, and they sit, warmly wrapped, only a small nose peeps out of the pile of clothes.

Life in the city wakes up. The owners of the cars come out into the courtyards and start to sweep the snow from them and clean them from the windows. The janitors cleared the paths and sprinkled them with sand or salt. Yard cats are not visible, they are warming up somewhere. And pigeons sit on wires, they are uncomfortable in the snow. On some trees and window-sills hanging troughs with bread and grain. Birds arrive there to profit and arrange a fun fuss.

Painting the morning sky, the sun prefers cool colors, you will not find a yellow color among them, mostly white, blue, purple. This has its own charm. The air is cold and fresh, they want to breathe deeper, but scary – you can get sick. If the wind rises, it sweeps the top layer of snow from trees and houses, and then a silvery haze appears in the air.

Morning in the winter does not last long. It is replaced by a short day, and at five o’clock it’s getting dark again, the stars are lighting up in the sky, and again we have to wait for the next morning.

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Composition “Winter Morning”