“My hobby is basketball” composition

My grandmother brought me to the basketball section. I studied in the 3rd grade, I was very sick, I was very weak and insecure. I liked basketball at once, although at first it was hard to train. I was shy and constrained, quickly tired, could not play on an equal footing with others.

Viktor Ivanovich has become for me not only a good mentor, but also a true friend. He teaches not to be afraid of difficulties, persistently go to victory, talks a lot about the life of athletes. It can be very embarrassing when a coach scolds for laziness, disorganization. It embraces a sense of joy when the mentor praises for the efforts, the results achieved.

In the section I found real friends. I really like that basketball is a team sport. You need to be able to feel your friends on the team. Only a well-coordinated game can bring victory. It is very nice to rejoice in victory together. The defeat is easier to carry in the circle of your favorite team.

Basketball helped me to love physical activities. Regular trainings help to become stronger, more enduring, to develop, to achieve results. We have a lot of running, jumping, pushing up to be in good sports, improve the results. Without regular sports I can not imagine my life.

Thanks to basketball, I learned my homeland better. I often go to competitions in other cities. My friends and I always try to visit museums, get acquainted with the sights. Each corner of our country has its own history, unique nature.

Basketball is my favorite sport. Sport gives me strength and confidence in life. I really want my peers to come to the sports sections, to feel the joy of sports achievements. I’m happy to play basketball.

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“My hobby is basketball” composition