Composition of sport in human life

Sport in my life means a lot. I can not imagine a single day of my life without sports. When I first went to first grade, I entered the basketball section. I really liked the game in the team and I could play well. All the guys in the team appreciated me. I liked to go to competitions. And we also had a good coach, who not only taught us how to play basketball correctly, but also showed us various sports exercises. Their fulfillment every day helped to keep themselves in good physical shape and develop.

In the fourth grade I enrolled in karate. I watched a lot of films about karate and I was interested in trying, and what will happen to me in this sport. And I also wanted to be able to defend myself. I mastered the basic techniques of karate and four months later left this section.

A little later I wanted to do football. For more than a year I went to football school. We often went to competitions and our team won many times. It was very nice. I already had a large collection

of medals at home, which I received while doing basketball and football. My parents at first wondered why my preferences in sports change so quickly. So they thought because I could often change circles and sections. But then they resigned themselves to it, when they saw that in every sport I was engaged in, I achieved something. Dad told me once that he too often changed sections in his youth and practiced many kinds of sports. He also said that he was very proud of me and my victories and achievements. On this day, I was very happy.

Every morning I start with charging. For many years only 2-3 times was such that I could wake up late and had to wash quickly, brush my teeth and run to school. I always get myself an alarm clock myself, given the time that I will need for charging, shower and breakfast. After you do different exercises in the morning, you feel cheerful and cheerful all day. In those days when I did not have time to do exercises, I had until nightfall a drowsy and unpleasant condition.

And I also like watching many sports on TV. I love watching football matches, boxing matches, hockey. Now I have a dream to learn how to play hockey. I hope that soon I will be able to learn this. Without sport, I just can not imagine my life.

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Composition of sport in human life