Sports in the UK

Sports in the UK

The British, as you know, are great sports fans. So when they do not play and do not watch games, they like to talk about them. Many of the games we play now come from England.

One of the most British games is cricket. It is very often played in schools, colleges, universities and club teams across the country. Summer is not summer without cricket. For many English cricket is both a game and a standard of behavior. When they consider something unfair, they sometimes say: “It’s not by the rules” (This is not cricket).

But, like almost everywhere in the world, the game that attracts the most attention is football. Every Saturday from the end of August to the beginning of May, large crowds of people are supported by their favorite teams on football fields. Real

fans travel from one end of the country to the other to see the games of their team. There are many professional and amateur football clubs all over England. International football matches and Cup finals are held at Wembley.

Rugby is also a very popular sport, but mostly amateurs play.

In the next place after football, the most spectacular sport for the British is the race. Many people are interested in racing and put money on a horse, which they believe will win. Derby, perhaps, is the most famous sporting event in the whole world.

Britain is also famous for racing, running dogs, rowing, and even jumping donkeys. The famous rowing race between the teams of Oxford and Cambridge attracts crowds of people.

A large number of people play and watch tennis. The tennis tournament in Wimbledon is known all over the world. Numerous tennis courts of Great Britain are practiced by people between the ages of 16 and 60, demonstrating all levels of skill – from almost helpless to champion.

The British also like to play golf, baseball, hockey, field hockey. Different types of athletics, such as running, jumping, swimming, boxing are also popular. Sometimes you can hear that in England there are no winter sports. Of course, English weather is not always cold enough for skiing, skating or sledging, but winter is a good season for hunting and fishing. Indeed, sports in one form or another are an integral part of everyday life in England.

Sports in the UK