My favorite sport

My favorite sport is football. Sport is the best that exists for raising one’s spirit, maintaining the physical form and health of a person. So I’m doing this. My favorite sport is football. Football is a game of millions, a game that turns destinies and raises to the top of the world football only the most worthy, strong and skillful players. I fell in love with football from the very childhood for its perfection as the best with sports, its refinement, strength, perseverance and thirst to run and score a goal for the team and an incredibly beautiful game of players. My first favorite team is AS Milan.

This incredible Italian club brought up football players with a worldwide reputation: Ronaldinho, Kaka, Andriy Shevchenko, Albertini, Nesta… European football and European football clubs are the best, especially: AS Milan, FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, FC-Bayern, Real Madrid CF These football clubs as dictators of world football, they make it today’s

story. These clubs are doomed to eternal glory and popularity among millions of fans. Football – this is how cool the game that it plays as children and adolescents, and adults. The game of football is saturated with a positive sea, this is a very complex emotional game, because during football football players give up their nerves, they get angry, they fight at stadiums with football players of other teams, such fights occur both in domestic football and professional football.

At school in physical education classes, all children want only one thing to split into two teams and that they will be given a ball, and they play and want football and only want it. After school, children always stay in the stadium to drive a little more ball with friends. In football, every football player tries to be the best, it started from school time, when every boy wants to look better in the eyes of friends and girls. And therefore, in order to play football well you need to train hard and hard, and most importantly to understand and constantly work in a team and then everything will turn out in this sport. Football stadiums

are a huge crowd of people, tens of thousands of fans who support their players and the football club.

At the stadium, the unreal atmosphere of the game, a crowd of people who shout “Gooooosh!”, Sings a hymn, and just have fun. At football matches with a full sold out fans or just fans of football, the stadium turns into a singing monster, which for a half or two hours is ill for its pets. Spectators, fans and just fans of football come to the stadium to see all the power of the stadium, its energy and strength, look at the players near, get an autograph or a T-shirt from the shoulder of a football player. So everyone should visit the stadium with a full notice, the match of his favorite team. When a person does football, he keeps himself in good physical shape.

Footballers are many and quickly run around, they have a good reaction and excellent possession of the ball. A footballer should start his football career with six (eight) years to be a ball master and a football master. Football players are amazingly talented people who glorify their country and their club for the whole world, having won the Champions League or the World Championship. For people who play football – it’s a hobby, life, hobby or profession. Everyone who plays football, he means something to him, but the main thing is that he plays in this wonderful sport. In professional football we will find not only fans of this sport, but a real football player, for whom football is life, work with a very high salary and thousands or even millions of fans who believe in you and your victory on the field. In this way, for me football is one of the best and most popular sports of our century, as well as the past. Fighting on the field brings up strong spirit and body of the players. Football teaches us how to work and learn how to behave properly in a team.

He teaches to work for a team and teaches that the team would work for you. So I do football, it makes me stronger and improves me as a person. I recommend practicing football for everyone who wants to succeed in life, learn to work in a team, earn well, become famous and glorify themselves, their team and possibly in the future their country.

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My favorite sport