Autumn is my favorite season

My favorite season is autumn. I was born in November, maybe, therefore, after the end of the warm days of summer, I’m so pleased to meet the autumn cool gusts of the wind, breathe the air filled with notes of falling leaves and again begin to wait for warmth.

In the autumn I often go for a walk to the lake or to the forest. Sometimes my sister is with me, who is only 4 years old. She’s as curious as I am. I asked my mother why the leaves on the trees turn yellow and then fall. She told me a long but interesting tale about how leaves live like people, and every tree is alive, just like all of us.

On walks with my little sister I try to see all the delights of autumn. I look up at the sky, I collect the fallen acorns and nuts in the forest, I deeply breathe in the scents of rain and freshness. The sky at this time is clouded by thick clouds, it is often not clear what is happening behind them. I always wondered what was behind them. After all, over clouds and clouds there is never cloudy. The sun always shines there. And in winter, and in summer, and in autumn, when it’s stormy rain.

I want autumn not to end, because I love her. And she loves me, too, otherwise why are we so well together?

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Autumn is my favorite season