My favorite season

Summer is my favorite season. Finally, the cold ends and the holidays begin. In summer, you can enjoy the sun and warm days, go on long trips and hikes. Particularly beautiful in summer is nature – the green leaves are rustling with the forest, the berries are ripening, the most amazing flowers blossom. You can endlessly walk through flowering meadows and admire the modest white-headed daisies or weave wreaths of dandelions. It’s nice to go into the twilight of the forest and hide from the heat of the day. And if you look closely, the reward for the forest walk will be brown strong boletus and proud boletus.

And only in summer rivers and lakes come to life. The water is getting warm, and if you sit quietly on the beach, you can see how over his head the fearless flying dragonflies and water scurrying brisk fry. On the shore of the lake it’s quiet and peaceful – it’s so good to look at the water and admire the sunlight on it. And then, along with friends

for a long time to swim and dive from the pier.

Summer is the best time to travel. In our country there are a lot of beautiful places that you really want to see. Mysterious caves, waterfalls, high mountains and passes. Everywhere I want to go. In the summer months we always go with family to small trips – out of town. My favorite pastime is hiking in the mountains. In the summer they are amazingly beautiful – at the foot of the mountain the forest rustles, but the higher you climb, the stronger the wind becomes and the rocks become more beautiful. At the top of the mountain you can see the surroundings – at the bottom are small rivers and lakes, and the forest looks like a green sea. And it seems that the berries that grow on the top of the mountain, much tastier than in the country or just in the woods. After a walk, you can build a fire, fry sausages and brew tea from forest grasses.

I love summer and I always look forward to it. It is in summer that everything blooms and breathes life.

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My favorite season