Composition “Favorite season – winter”

One morning I woke up very early, the room was very dark. I open the curtains, and I see that the whole courtyard is covered with a snow-white carpet. What happened? Winter has come. Frozen, swept and bewitched everything around. Enchanted the puddles on the path to the house in the lacy mirrors.

The bushes and a small fir tree under the fence were wrapped in snowy outfits-one blue vertex is seen from the snowdrift. My mother’s favorite chrysanthemums froze and turned them into ice flowers.
Hid, a mischievous winter, all the bugs and worms – there is nothing for the birds to have breakfast. It is good that in the lesson a large feeder was made with a friend, I will fill in wheat grains, a few seeds and a handful of bread crumbs – I will feed bullfinches and crows. It’s great when the snow goes all night, and in the morning the whole yard is strewn with traces of animals and birds. Around the bushes traces of the cat, under the tree and near the chrysanthemums,

can be seen traces of birds. Winter is the best time for the pathfinders.

All trees were bewitched and turned into giants. The trees stand like stern giants, and they protect us with their branches from the blizzard and blizzards. And snowstorms are strong, snowy and sweeps us so that, together with the sleds, it is possible to fall into a snowdrift.

A wayward winter, I wanted everyone to sit at home – swept the snowdrifts, I wanted everyone to go out into the street – she warmed the sun. The sorceress wanted her garlands and hung out long and bulky icicles at home, they hang from the roofs and reflect the sunlight. Directly into the room to me sunny bunnies from icicles ran and dance on the ceiling and on the walls. Everywhere the winter has added magic, everything has bewitched.

I love the winter sorceress. Winter comes and takes everything into a white fairy tale. Adults do not like winter, they say that it is cold and harsh, snowy and long winter, and I love winter. All the winter is magical and the mood, and the weather, and holidays.

The sorceress is winter, I like winter the most.

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Composition “Favorite season – winter”