My street on a winter evening

I live on Cherepanovs Street, which is in the old part of our city. I love my street at any time of the year. It is good in the early spring, when all the trees have just opened their tender green leaves. My street is pleased with the summer day, inviting me to hide from the heat in the shadow of spreading lindens and maples. It’s a little sad to look at a familiar street in autumn, especially after the fall of the fall. All prepared for the winter, all eagerly waiting for the first snow to fall and cover the gray uncomfortable street. And then came the winter!

How good is my street on a winter evening! I stand at the entrance of the house and admire it. Electric lights in the street are few, and the newly fallen snow seems to pour a dim glow on them. He gently sparkles and glows a bluish mysterious light.

Silence is in the street. Only occasionally the car will pass, the tram rumbles in the distance. And quiet again. I’m walking along the sidewalk. I approach the construction site at the end of the street. There will be a new beautiful house. The crane in the dark seems like a huge bird, spreading its wings.

Coming home. Occasionally there are passers-by. They go slowly, enjoying a quiet frosty evening. The windows of the houses glow with a cozy light. People are busy with household chores: someone is cooking dinner, someone is reading, someone is watching TV…

Here again snow began, fluffy, soft. The street is even more beautiful, like in a fairy tale. My heart feels so nice and calm that I want to go and walk along my dear heart of the street.

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My street on a winter evening