Composition on the theme of Fidelity

To be loyal to someone or something is an important choice and everyone should make it in life. We ourselves must decide for ourselves who we want to be faithful to. If the Motherland, the patriot is an honor, if the family is a pride, if friends are bravery, if the loved one is the will, if ideals are purposefulness and perseverance.

To be faithful is very difficult. It is difficult to understand that by choosing something, we forever swear to go with it in life. preserve and store. How many people know what fidelity is and how much they know how to store it? Know this is a very small number, because we lose faith in ourselves, in our strengths, in the very concept of fidelity. We began to forget what it looks like and what feelings it should cause.

To be faithful is a choice. And when a person does it consciously, and does not think that he will succeed, he is completely given to what he keeps this fidelity. After all, to make a choice in the direction of fidelity, this

means that we will have to make considerable sacrifices in order to preserve it and even multiply it. And before making such an important decision, it is always necessary to think, not once, to comprehend, to weigh all the pros and cons.

And, when it becomes clear that “for” prevails, you can devote yourself to what you have chosen. And if there are still doubts or uncertainties about whether or not it is worthwhile, immediately stop thinking about it and do not swear by what you can not save.

Still happens also such, that the person is true, as a dog, and here are true to him? Often people demand this very fidelity from those who are unlikely to be able to give it to the extent that it is necessary. Then people’s hearts become hard and thoughts get tougher.

Actions become inexplicable and mutual. This once-chosen fidelity, burned and now believes that no one else deserves it, so other people suffer.

Many times we witnessed the faithfulness of animals. They were dogs, birds, and many others. What did we feel? I, for example, are disappointed, disappointed in people, in their

hasty loud phrases, in their rash actions. I always believed that loyalty must first start to keep to yourself and your principles and views, and only then swear fidelity to others.

But, if you made this choice to remain faithful, do not betray yourself or your choice. How wonderful to feel needed and know that you are being faithful, it means that you are appreciated and loved. You are in the first place for this person. But it’s twice as pleasant to realize that you are true.

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Composition on the theme of Fidelity