Composition on the theme “Actions of people”

Your life consists of actions. In actions, the moral essence of a person is expressed. In your attitude to other people there is nothing accidental. The act is always determined by the activity of the moral consciousness.

Actions only exist where there are people. Your actions express the level of your moral culture. There are people who, leaving the house, do not know what they will do: either they will help the disabled person and they will hear words of gratitude, or they will violate the rules of traffic. So it can be with people who do not have a moral core – beliefs. On the nature of the act depends on your spiritual state, well-being, happiness, health, well-being and mood of people with whom you communicate.

Human actions are expressed in activity and in words, even in the eyes. The word is the thinnest touch to the heart. It can become a tender, fragrant flower, and a red-hot iron, and clods of dirt. The word turns into the most unexpected actions, even when

it is not, but there is silence. This is the most heinous act of betrayal. It happens on the contrary: betrayal is a word that should keep a secret. A wise and kind word brings joy, stupid and evil, ill-considered and tactless brings trouble. In a word, one can kill and revitalize, wound and heal, sow confusion and hopelessness and spiritualize, dispel doubts and cast oneself into despair, create a smile and bring tears, breed faith in a person and inflict disbelief, inspire work and numb the strength of the soul. An evil, unsuccessful, tactless, stupid word can offend, grieve, stun, shake a man. Know how to understand and feel when the person you are meeting with needs you to speak, and when he needs you to be silent. Your one and only word can create a wrong opinion about you.

Take care and sparing impressionability, vulnerability of a person. Do not cause your actions to insult, pain, anxiety, anxiety. His tactlessness is not this seed of disbelief in a good beginning in man. The more life’s bad deeds, the more morally unstable and inexperienced people have reason to doubt the triumph of good and justice.

When people stop paying attention to bad deeds, the number of misdemeanors increases. Therefore, one must always be morally advancing, uncompromising and unbending.

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Composition on the theme “Actions of people”