The composition on the theme “Magic Words”

About the desire and ability to communicate eloquently narrates the composition on the theme “Word”. From the very first word that a small citizen says, a cognitive and extremely difficult path to merging with the society begins. First parents and then school teachers direct the child’s knowledge into the right direction, forming a worthy personality for harmonious relationships in human society.

Do you know that among the innumerable number of words is “magic”? There are not many of them, but their importance and significance are invaluable.

For example, a child approaches the mother and, stomping his foot, requires a toy or attention to his person. The surrounding people shake their heads condemningly, and my mother, blushing and extinguished, tries to calm down her selfish child, implicitly carrying out his momentary desire. Instead of explaining to the child the importance of simple words: “sorry”, “thank you” and

“please,” my mother, without realizing it, condemns him to rejection and misunderstanding by other people as they grow up and adapt in society.

A word is a unit of speech. with the help of which the most important action takes place between people – communication. But the insolent, even the most erudite and graduated, will always avoid and reject the polite and intelligent society.

Hamovaty guy, when you leave the bus, will perepotchet all feet, and even curses the last words. Following him with an apology, trying to tread gently, his girl will squeeze. Outraged passengers, touched by her sincerity, will forgive the impudent, because many of them believe that Good conquers evil. and someday this person for the sake of his beloved will change for the better.

The magic power of the word. laid down by our ancestors in daily speech, raises the wise man over the stupid, the spiritual over the indifferent, the merciful over the soulless. Therefore, from childhood it is necessary to learn how to communicate correctly – ask, thank and address other people with due respect, in order to receive the same in return.

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The composition on the theme “Magic Words”