Composition in the journalistic style

What does it mean to “find oneself”?

The phrase “find yourself” is hardly perceived by someone as something negative. But if you look at it critically, you can see that initially to a person for complete satisfaction, something is missing, you need to find something. Most likely, what to look for yourself is to look for your destiny in life. It’s sad, but not everyone finds their destiny in life. After all, for its effective finding it is necessary to take into account not only your own desires and priorities, but also objective reality. Hardly anyone has enough confidence to be deceived and find their life purpose in some small things, while the whole surrounding world says the opposite.

If we take as an example today’s realities of the consumer society and market relations, it becomes clear that the objective purpose that justifies a person’s entire life is the receipt of financial resources and their expenditure. It is unlikely

that such an interpretation will be pleasant to many, but to deny the domination of money in the modern world is absolutely useless. At the same time, the question of free time becomes acute. A very small number of people combine work and a favorite occupation. What does it mean to “find oneself” in such conditions? First of all, you need to take care of the selection of a profession from the very young. It is quite natural that children are unlikely to be able to assess the realities of modern society adequately, therefore parents should do it for them.

We need to analyze the talents of the child as thoroughly as possible and determine where they can be applied. There should not be a permissible situation when a young person chooses a profession spontaneously or when more experienced parents do not take part in this. But there should be no conflict between the parents and the child in this matter. If talents are defined, realized, a person is engaged in his own business, grows professionally and sooner or later becomes a manager or owner of his business (and therefore gets more free time), we can assume that “finding yourself” took place.

What to do to those who missed the moment, becoming an adult, engaged in an unloved affair or simply has no bright talents? As stated at the very beginning of the article, not everyone can find themselves. If someone did not succeed, then it’s hardly worth dropping all your studies and responsibilities and looking for a favorite thing. It’s worth just accepting and living life as it turns out.

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Composition in the journalistic style