Composition on the theme of a strong man

The concept of “power” for each person is different. For some, a strong person is a mountain of muscles, a pumped-up torso and broad shoulders. But there is also another meaning for the word “strong.” It’s about the power of the spirit. Everyone knows examples of successful people who, despite the difficulties and obstacles, achieved the desired and did not give up. Such persons are called “strong.”

So, what kind of person is he, a morally strong person? Analyzing the way of life and behavior of modern youth, as an example of human strength, one can bring opposition to the numerous temptations at each step. Easy money, alcohol, drugs, smoking and other attributes of “stormy youth” do not bring anything good to a person, do not contribute to the formation of a young person as a person, on the contrary, provoking the degradation of the generation.

However, there are exceptions, girls and young people who, despite the temptations, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, engage in sports and self-development, thus creating a strong underlying reason for their future life.

Such people can safely be called strong personalities. Reasoning on the topic of power, we can not fail to mention people who have overcome severe ailments, such as cancer and other intractable diseases. We need a huge spirit to not lose faith in the success of treatment, do not give up and, without lowering our hands, continue to fight for our own lives. Summarizing the notion of a “strong man”, one can say that the one who is not afraid of life’s difficulties, staunchly suffers defeat, bravely overcomes obstacles, falls, rises and continues to go to his goal.

Strong is the one who, without succumbing to temptations, builds his life according to his own scenario. Strong people can also motivate others to help them believe in themselves and their inner strength.

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Composition on the theme of a strong man