An essay on the theme “Conservation of nature”

Nature is the natural habitat of man. And it is natural that he needs to take care of her, constantly maintain it, cherish and store it. In ancient times, people were more anxious and careful about what surrounded them. Many cults, rituals and rituals of olden times contributed to the fact that man was in harmony with nature. However, now from the former reverence to the world around him, there is no trace.

Today, the use of natural resources is actively carried out, the atmosphere is mercilessly polluted, casting doubt on the existence of man as a species. What is happening to us and how did humanity come to such a relation to nature?

This is a very complex issue, for which there is as yet no definite answer. Most people agree that the reasons for this phenomenon lie in the very consciousness of a person, in his consumer outlook, which is set out in a short but capacious phrase: “Take everything from life.” In the end, it turns out that man has embarked on a path of frank and unguarded plundering of natural treasures, and gradually loses his human appearance.

If this goes on, then humanity in the near future expects imminent physical degradation, and as the cause of it – the degradation of the spiritual and moral. This will lead to the inglorious end of all human civilization. However, its end will not be at the zenith of glory, but rather the consequence of the loss of humanity by the majority of its representatives.

That this does not happen, it is necessary for each of the people to understand their place in life and realize that only in unity with nature can we save ourselves and the entire human race from spiritual degradation and imminent death.

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An essay on the theme “Conservation of nature”